Monday, May 7, 2007

Valentinos In Hibernation

THE VALENTINOS are going into hibernation this summer to bunker down in the studio and begin work on their debut album.

With their hectic touring schedule of the past 18 months finally coming to an end, including a performance at Homebake and recent shows supporting French sensation Uffie,
THE VALENTINOS will bring in 2007 with a bang at the Falls Festival (Lorne) on New Year’s Eve.

You can also catch the new film clip for ‘Nightmoves’ featuring THE VALENTINOS in very small pieces.

That’s right, in pieces. Filmed in a Darlinghurst den during the wee small hours, the complex clip features over 900 images and is directed by James Littlemore.
Watch it:

Other talented folk have also had their way with THE VALENTINOS of late: Ajax (no, not the Dutch football club, in case you were confused) has remixed, rub-dubbed,re-done-everything for their track ‘Face Is On The Wall’, while Comets (known as Tim & Joel when on earth) have taken ‘Nightmoves’ on a joy ride in space through an acid infused asteroid field.

This will be the last of THE VALENTINOS’ gigs before retreating to write & record new material for their debut album, rumoured to have the production treatment of a certain international producer touring in the country in January.

See THE VALENTINOS play their last show of 2006 on New Years Eve at The Falls Festival (Lorne), Victoria.

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